College Counseling

AthELITE Tutoring’s College Counseling program is unique because we focus on keeping the student-athlete academically eligible to play sports at the college level. We know and follow the NCAA guidelines for academic achievement. We assist the student athlete in selecting the best high school curriculum for their college goals.
We also assist the student-athlete with the college admissions process through our unique yearly program, assessments, and tips, which include:

• planning the high school curriculum using NCAA requirements
• advise the student-athlete with the NCAA rules concerning eligibility
• maintain open lines of communication with the school’s athletic staff
• find suitable athletic programs, summer programs, internships, or specialized coursework
• plan and prepare the student-athlete for standardized tests
• advise the student-athlete about college visits and admissions interviews
• assistance with scholarship, financial aid and planning resources
• assisting in essay topics and writing
• assistance with the college applications
• guidance in selecting and prioritizing the college acceptance letters