Using a proven system developed by former Fresno State Associate Head Coach and current USC Associate Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator John Baxter, AthElite Tutoring provides our student-athletes with a comprehensive strategy planning tool: The Academic Gameplanner.

This is not your grandma’s planner. This is a system designed specifically for students to give them the competitive edge they need in the academic arena.

The Gameplanner includes the following major pieces:

  • Scouting Report: Allows students to do long-term planning and look at four weeks at a time.
  • Line-Up Card: Allows students to give detail to their day.  They make prioritized and organized lists for each day.  (Nothing will ever fall through the cracks again!)
  • Scorecard: A system through which the student and teacher/parent are empowered.  Students keep track of all their scores and at any point they (and you) can know exactly how they are doing in each and every class!
  • Master Schedule: Shows students when they have free time so that they are better able to plan their schedule.
  • Class Index & Summary Forms: This is where students write summaries for each class.  It gives them an organization system for their notes and provides them with an outline so they’re ready when it’s time to study for tests.
  • Reading Gameplans: Helps students break down large reading assignments to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Plus much, much more…